Notability is a mobile bookstore, whose focus is to service the need for books of diversity. Notability strongly believes in our three core values, representation matters, diversity matters and equality matters. Thus in doing so we can encourage greatness, foster inclusion, and explore the beauty of the diaspora.


Notability is a combination of two words, notable and ability, we are all worthy of being noticed, we are all important, and we all possess great abilities.

When I think back to the understanding and knowledge that was given to myself growing up, I came to know that for us, as a people, reading and writing was denied.

Driven by my desire for my children to enjoy reading and to see reflections of their greatness, my "now" moment came when I went to purchase a book for my niece, one that showed her the beauty of a child that looked like her. So to the bookstore I went, pulled out my list, and started searching. Of about 20 books I had named, only one was available.

I set on a path to open a bookstore; one that caters to diversity of all ages, that would travel into the community providing more accessibility. Thus Notability started to take shaped.