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Black Motherhoods: Contexts, Contours and Considerations edited by Karen Craddock🍁

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325 pages

 This book considers Black Motherhood through multiple and global lenses to engage the reader in an expanded reflection and to prompt further discourse on the intersection of race and gender within the construct of motherhood among black women. With an aim to extend traditional treatments of black motherhood that are often centered on a subordinated and struggling perspective, these essays address some of the hegemonic reality while also exploring nuance in experiences, less explored areas of subjugation, as well as pathways of resistance and resilience in spite of it. Largely focusing within domains such as narrative, identity, spirituality and sexuality, the book deftly explores black motherhood by incorporating varied arenas for discussion including, literary analysis, expressive arts, historical fiction, the African Diaspora, reproductive health, religion and social ecology.

PUBLISHER: Demeter Press (October 1, 2015)

FORMAT: Paperback