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From My Mother's Back: A Journey from Kenya to Canada by Njoki Wane🍁

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175 pages

Longlisted for Canada Reads 2022

In From My Mother’s Back: A Journey from Kenya to Canada, Njoki Wane introduces us to her mother, a woman of deep wisdom, and to all the richness of a life lived between two countries. A celebrated professor and award-winning teacher, she shares her journey from a Catholic girls’ boarding school in rural Kenya to standing in front of a lectern at the University of Toronto. Along the way she reflects on the heritage that was taken from her as a child and the strengths and teachings of the family that pulled her through and helped her to not only succeed as a scholar, but to reclaim her culture, her history and even her name.

PUBLISHER: Wolsak and Wynn (February 18, 2020)

FORMAT: Paperback