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I Am ... 21 Daily Affirmations For Children by Tashina Swaby-Scott, Zahira Scottt and Zara Scott

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25 pages

Are you looking for a book that you can read to your babies and toddlers as part of their bedtime routine?

Are you looking for a book written by African American or Black Authors that provides daily affirmations written specifically for black girls and boys?

Have you been searching for books for kids 3-5 years old, with illustrations? A book that illustrates Black children that your young child can see themselves in the characters of the book?

A book for Black girls and boys that will help affirm who they are and whose they are?

Wish you could help your child with confidence issues?

Ever wondered how your child will thrive with the unique pressures on people of color today?


This book is beautifully illustrated and has colorful pages to stimulate curiosity for black babies and toddlers. A book designed for babies to see themselves represented on pages.

This book contains sight words that are also easy to read and encourages your baby girl or baby boy to repeat the words after you. These affirmations can be read at bedtime, before or after they say their nighttime prayer or first thing in the morning as you get them ready for the busy day ahead.

This book is also the perfect size that you can pack along with you for those long drives in the car. The affirmations are empowering for kids to help them navigate and grow their self-confidence. A great way to help young minds shift their mindset and affirm positive values each day.

This is a book your young one can read every day, anytime and when they tell mommy or daddy about a tough situation at school, Sunday school, kindergarten or Church around other children, you can have them recite the affirmations or remind them to read their affirmations book again and trust that they have been wonderfully made in God’s image.

It is also a great book to add to church libraries and to share with cousins and friends. It is also designed with mom and dad in mind, as it is a quick read for busy moms and dads.

I AM … is a beautiful book for Black girls and Black boys who are learning to build their confidence. It is also a book that can be gifted to parents who are about to have their baby girl or boy as a baby shower gift. This book can be used as a guide for parents to call out the genius in their children by affirming who they are. I AM… is a great book for Black children of all ages but is a particular thrill for boys around ages 5 and girls ages 4 and 6-8 years old.

Between the covers you will find beautiful words and graphics that speak to, encourage, inspire, motivate, and reaffirm the greatness of your child. Whether you want to enjoy as part of bedtime routine, early morning read or any other time throughout the day, I AM… is a perfect fit.

Each page carries a unique affirmation for kids aged 0-8 years old.

God wants us to find joy in ourselves and these affirmations will help your child transform and learn the power of self-care, self-love and daily affirmations.

PUBLISHER: Independently published (October 7, 2021)

FORMAT: Paperback