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The Black Notes: Fresh Writing by Black Women and Girls, edited by Althea Prince🍁

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268 pages

 This collection contains stories and poems written by twenty Black women and girls; it is serendipitous that their voices blend seamlessly, and beautifully, even though the writers are intergenerational. The storytelling crosses local, national, and international cultural sensibilities, giving the reader a glimpse of the way the storytellers receive and share ‘Story.’ The poets cut through emotional lines to caress the reader, just before they unleash a shaft of insight that rattles their consciousness. Contributors to The Black Notes include Motion, Whitney French, Itah Sadu, d’bi.young anitafrika, Brenda Lee Browne, Gayle Gonsalves, and Jemeni.

PUBLISHER: Insomniac Press (September 30, 2017)

FORMAT: Paperback