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The Poetic Transitions from a Hot Head to a Conscious Queen by Shakkoi Hibbert 🍁

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104 pages

What happens when you mix a hot head with bit of self reflection?? Growth! I started writing at the age of 17 thinking that my words were not good enough to be shared. I kept looking back at my first poem book and began to feel that my struggles were worth sharing, but how to collaborate the thoughts of a 17-year-old, to my now 26-year-old self?? Each poem in this book includes what I call a preflection (how I felt when I first wrote the poem), and a reflection (how I felt looking back) to not only bring understanding to the hardships that we all face, but also to encourage others to use the power of self-reflection! Appreciate your struggles, they made you!

PUBLISHER: Shakkoi Hibbert (December 2018)

FORMAT: Paperback